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People who are disabled from their job because their injury is work related are entitied to benefits which are generally 2/3 of their gross pay in a weekly check from their employer's workers' compensation insurance company. Many people desire a lump sum cash settlement of their case. Forceful litigation and/or negotiations often yield very substantial lump sum settlements. Unfortunately, most injured workers do not realize how valuable their case is, and they never bother calling an attorney.


The insurance industry has lawyers and they employ strategies to pay the least money that they can to injured workers. The injured worker's lawyer should always be mindful of making the case more and more valuable.


It is never too soon for you to build value in your case. The insurance company has thousands of cases; you have one. It must be handled professionally and aggressively.


Choosing a lawyer to navigate your workers' compensation case is a very important and potentially life changing decision. The insurance company obligation to the injured worker generally ends in one of three ways:


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  • Lump Sum Cash Settlement

  • The injured worker recovers from his/her injuries and returns to work with no   wage loss

  • A workers' compensation judge, after a series of hearings, allows the insurance company to stop your checks A lawyer's job is to maximize the potential lump sum cash settlement,to fight in court to get the injured workers' checks started up, or to flight to prevent the insurance company from stopping the checks.